The Truth About Teardrop Breast Implants

Recently teardrop breast implants have become rather popular, with makers and surgeons asserting that these implants give a more natural look and shape to the breast.


In this specific article we shall examine a few of the claims made by producer and look at the truth about teardrop breast implants. Should you know this info you’ll be in a position to select the best appearing breast implants for yourself, without being pressurized by your surgeon to get one sort or the other.

Let’s talk about what teardrop breast implants are before we go any further? All these are implants which are tapered at the top and rounded at the bottom to provide a natural appearing breast implant. They have a top and a bottom since these implants have a certain shape and has to be placed in the proper direction.

Yet there are various hazards related to teardrop implants. These hazards include flipping, meaning the rounded bottom, will move all the way to the top or turn sidewise. When the implant turns, though this is not a medical threat, per se, nevertheless it might demand additionally surgery to repair and get back in place and seems really horrible. Some implants could be put back in place without surgery nonetheless the entire hazard is substantial. Merely that fact these implants can turn is of some concern and not perfect.

The advantage of this is that when a lady stands the liquid falls down do the underside anyhow, developing a natural ‘teardrop’. So the advantage of a teardrop shape is removed since gravitation cares for the ‘natural-appearance’.

Teardrop implants also have one major issue, which is when the girl lies down the implants retain their teardrop shape that’s quiet abnormal looking. The natural shape of the breast when women are lying down is with that it becomes rounded and falls back, yet teardrop implants they retain their ‘teardrop’ shape even when girls are lying down. That is not an issue with round shaped implants which naturally become rounded when women lie down.

Along with this, round implant are not only more popular in the US they are also not significantly more expensive than teardrop implant. In UK most girls will favor teardrop, or shaped implants but round implants are becoming more popular due to its capability to give a fuller look, and the truth that it does not rotate.


Due to the sophisticated technology now used in the difficulties of the teardrop implants and the round implants it is wise to get round implant. Round implants avoid the difficulties of tear drop implants like flipping, when a woman is lying down and remaining in a tear drop shape. Also since round implants are filled with a viscous gel, they droop when standing up and fall back into the body when lying down.