The Surgery Of The Breast Augmentation

imagesRound beautiful breasts can be achieved through a breast augmentation. When you’ll go to see a plastic surgeon, he’ll tell you how the implants are introduced inside the breasts.

A Short Presentation

The medical procedure is called breast augmentation and it actually means enhancing the dimension of your natural breasts with the help of an implant. There are different types of incisions and each of them will be discussed with your doctor, before starting the actual procedure.

Here are the incisions that are used: the incision made around the nipple, the axillary incision, the incision made through your belly button or the incision made under the nipple. Usually, after a time, the scars left after the incision fade.

interior-banner-defaultThe implant is introduced under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland and in front of the pectoral muscle.

The surgery is made with general anesthesia, as it is the safest method of surgery and it also offers comfort for the surgery team. The risks of the general anesthesia are lower, but these cannot be totally eliminated. Before the surgery, you should tell your surgeon about your medical history – what surgery did you have – if any, what medications are you on, what other illnesses do you have.

The time spent for a breast augmentation can depend on different factors, including the way the surgery team makes the incision, the anatomy of the patient, the type of anesthetic used and so on.

Usually, the surgery takes between 1 and 3 hours. Most of these surgeries need 1 or 2 days of hospitalization post-surgery, so that the patient can be supervised by the medical team.

Possible Complications

Here are some possible complications: the infection, a hematom ( which is a blood clot caught between the implant and the mammary tissue that needs to be taken out), the breaking of the implant and others. For lessening the change of future possible complications, you should always follow what the doctor tells you. The recommendations made are for this purpose exactly.

Post-surgery effects

After the surgery, you need to wear an elastic bra or a bustier. This helps with a correct positioning for the breasts during healing to maintain the symmetry and their compactness.

breast_diagramThe initial discomfort is controlled through painkillers. The stitches will be taken out after 7 or 14 days after the surgery, while the special bra will be kept until the 4th or 6th week.

The scars need at least 1 year to become as invisible as it is possible, and this is one of the reasons why exposing your body to the sun for this period of time is not recommended, as there could appear complications.

Having the implant placed under the mammary gland is followed by less pain, but when the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle, it will lead to the same kind of pain that you have after a powerful workout session.

After such a surgery, you can take up on your activities after two or three days. There could still be pain and the activities that imply moving your arms need to be restricted.

The full recovery takes place after three or four months, but this period of time can vary due to several factors like the surgical technique used, the type and place of the implant and the level of daily activity. Your surgeon will tell you when you can resume your activities.

Having a breast augmentation will make your breasts increase in volume (dimension / size), but it’s recommended to keep a balance and not exaggerate with the dimensions for an aesthetic balance of the body. This procedure will lead to an increase in your confidence, as the new look will be enchanting for everyone’s eyes.

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The Truth About Teardrop Breast Implants

Recently teardrop breast implants have become rather popular, with makers and surgeons asserting that these implants give a more natural look and shape to the breast.


In this specific article we shall examine a few of the claims made by producer and look at the truth about teardrop breast implants. Should you know this info you’ll be in a position to select the best appearing breast implants for yourself, without being pressurized by your surgeon to get one sort or the other.

Let’s talk about what teardrop breast implants are before we go any further? All these are implants which are tapered at the top and rounded at the bottom to provide a natural appearing breast implant. They have a top and a bottom since these implants have a certain shape and has to be placed in the proper direction.

Yet there are various hazards related to teardrop implants. These hazards include flipping, meaning the rounded bottom, will move all the way to the top or turn sidewise. When the implant turns, though this is not a medical threat, per se, nevertheless it might demand additionally surgery to repair and get back in place and seems really horrible. Some implants could be put back in place without surgery nonetheless the entire hazard is substantial. Merely that fact these implants can turn is of some concern and not perfect.

The advantage of this is that when a lady stands the liquid falls down do the underside anyhow, developing a natural ‘teardrop’. So the advantage of a teardrop shape is removed since gravitation cares for the ‘natural-appearance’.

Teardrop implants also have one major issue, which is when the girl lies down the implants retain their teardrop shape that’s quiet abnormal looking. The natural shape of the breast when women are lying down is with that it becomes rounded and falls back, yet teardrop implants they retain their ‘teardrop’ shape even when girls are lying down. That is not an issue with round shaped implants which naturally become rounded when women lie down.

Along with this, round implant are not only more popular in the US they are also not significantly more expensive than teardrop implant. In UK most girls will favor teardrop, or shaped implants but round implants are becoming more popular due to its capability to give a fuller look, and the truth that it does not rotate.


Due to the sophisticated technology now used in the difficulties of the teardrop implants and the round implants it is wise to get round implant. Round implants avoid the difficulties of tear drop implants like flipping, when a woman is lying down and remaining in a tear drop shape. Also since round implants are filled with a viscous gel, they droop when standing up and fall back into the body when lying down.

Breast Augmentation Healing: First Month

Breast augmentation patients are frequently understandably anxious to find out their final results after surgery. While deciding to get breast augmentation can feel monumental, the healing interval may be overlooked by girls as an equally significant part of the method toward reaching the best augmentation results.

So that you can benefit from the most comfortable healing after breast augmentation, it is vital that you keep informed of what you need to expect after surgery.


At the initial appointment that is scheduled, another group of exercises called implant displacement exercises or more generally as breast massage may also be advocated. These exercises keep the breasts feeling soft and preserve the surgical outcome in addition to reduce the possibility of capsular contracture. Another YouTube video, Breast Massage can be obtained to assist in comprehension and performing the exercises.

Week 1

Promptly after surgery is the time when your breasts will probably function as the most painful, also it is crucial that you relax so that the body is able to concentrate on healing:

  • Be prepared to have soreness.
  • Want to handle any distress with over the counter drugs, in case you believe you could want something more powerful, however you can ask your surgeon to get a prescription.
  • Ice packs might be an effective solution to control swelling and soothe tenderness prepare bags of frozen veggies before surgery to be utilized in this sensitive time.
  • It’s wise in order to avoid action when potential, therefore it can help organize to get a close friend or member of the family pick up children from school, run errands or to prepare meals.

Week 2

Most breast augmentation patients can go back to work after surgery throughout the next week, depending in your task. You might want to take away, if your work needs a greater level of action. Your soreness needs to be significantly reduced by the conclusion of the next week, and maybe you are able to lay off pain medicines and the ice packs.

Nevertheless, remember you’re going to need to keep on keeping that in your mind, and that the breasts will continue to be painful.

Week 3

From the 3rd week after surgery, you might feel as if you are well to the healing procedure, however do not be discouraged by a less-than-ideal breast look.

During week 3, one breast could be more bloated in relation to the other, or one implant could be greater compared to other, creating an asymmetrical look.

Week 4

From the conclusion of week 4, your incisions needs to be completely cured, although they’ll probably still possess a pink or reddish tint. Chances are, your swelling may be largely gone, though it is common for remaining swelling to continue into the next month. As the settling procedure remains underway your implants may be sitting high in your torso. Others, however, will not develop their final results to come, so it is important to stay patient.

Your final results needs to not be invisible six months after surgery, and you will have the ability to savor an improved amount and increased self confidence from breast augmentation.

How Do Cosmetic Surgeons Help Patients Improve Their Lives?

Cosmetic Surgery PhotoIt is said that looks can be deceiving and this is true, especially when you are not entirely satisfied with how you look. According to Dr Tavakoli, a leading cosmetic surgeon in Australia, you do not have to be deceived into thinking that you cannot look as great as you would like to. In fact, your perfect look is only a cosmetic surgeon away and all you need is to ensure that you assign the job of making you beautiful to a trusted expert.

The job

The work of a cosmetic surgeon is to conduct surgery on a patient in order to make the person look how they desire. The changes in appearance of the person will normally help them to lead a better life. This is because the way people view themselves has a significant impact on their outlook on life. There are even some cases in which cosmetic surgery results in improved health for the patient. For example, a patient who undergoes breast reduction may end up getting relief from neck and back pains in addition to looking great.

Breast procedures

There are different procedures that can be used by a cosmetic surgeon to achieve the result the patient desires. Breast augmentation is a surgery that is conducted to increase the size of the breasts, which is usually done using breast implants. There are usually two types of breast implants that may be used – silicone implants that can be in the form of liquid, solid or gel; or saline implants that are made from sterile salt water.

Cosmetic Surgery Photo

Breast reduction on the other hand is used to decrease the size of breasts in terms of the volume and weight. In this procedure, fat, skin and tissue are removed and the breasts are then reshaped. Other procedures that are normally conducted by a plastic surgeon include breast lift, nipple surgery and fat graft.

Body procedures

Liposuction is a procedure performed to remove unwanted fat from various body parts, including the thighs, arms or stomach. The fat cells are removed permanently, giving the body a pleasant appearance. The patient, however, has to put some effort to retain the new look by not adding back unnecessary weight, otherwise the body could lapse back to the original appearance.

A tummy tuck is a procedure that is very popular with women who have had children as it is the perfect solution for a bulging stomach. A cosmetic surgeon uses this procedure to remove excess fat and skin to give the patient a nice waist line and a great abdominal appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery Image

To give you that perfect body shape, a cosmetic surgeon can use other body procedures including body lift, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, all of which require a highly skilled plastic surgeon to perform them. You could also go for a post-pregnancy makeover that is tailor-made for you to give you back the awesome figure you had before pregnancy.

Selecting a cosmetic surgeon

Once you have made up your mind to have a cosmetic surgery, the most important thing to do is to identify a qualified, well experienced surgeon. This is the only way to ensure that you are not disappointed with the final result.